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We are practicing CDC’s guidelines for social distancing and sterilization. We have UV sterilization machines for devices we do repairs on and your device will be sanitized upon return. Curbside service and pick-up or delivery are also available. Quick-i-Fix, L.L.C., in Paducah, KY, is the area’s leading cellphone repair store serving Paducah, Mayfield, Murray, Benton and surrounding areas since 2009. We specialize in cellphone and tablet repairs. For more information, visit Quick-i-Fix, L.L.C. in Paducah. It is the mission of Quick-i-Fix to provide a reliable and dependable local source for mobile device repair and accessories. Quick-i-Fix is devoted to providing a consistent local source of hassle-free services at an affordable cost. Quick-i-Fix strives for customer satisfaction and lasting relationships with all customers big or small.

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Cracked Screen/Glass

If your phone or tablet has a cracked or broken screen, we can quickly and easily repair and replace phone and tablet screens of any brand or size in the Paducah, Kentucky area.


If you need a phone, tablet, or another device refurbishment in Paducah, we are familiar with many different types and brands of devices and we can reboot, refurbish, and generally fix devices to get them working faster and smarter.

Battery Replacement

Batteries, especially phone batteries, often stop working or do not work to their full capability. We can repair or replace the battery of any phone, computer, or other device, to get it working like new again.

Water Damage

If you have a water damaged phone, computer, or another device, we can help repair or replace the necessary parts to get it working like new again. Whether the damage is minimal or detrimental, we can fix your water damaged phone or computer in the Paducah, KY area quickly, and for a low cost.

Ports Don't Charge?

If you are having an issue with your computer or phone charging ports, we can help clean charging ports, or repair and replace charging ports to make sure the device fully charges and works once again.

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